A best friend will never tell you your apartment smells like fishsticks.

A best friend will always join you when stay home and watch “Law and Order” reruns while eating peanut butter crackers.

A best friend would never secretly record you singing a Lionel Ritchie song and then make it her ringtone.

A best friend would never make you watch a movie starring Katherine Heigl, even if “the trailer looked cute.”

A best friend would know the name of the character actor who kind of looks like that guy from the commercial with the dancing penguins.

A best friend would never judge you for eating cream cheese out of the tub, a wad of pizza cheese that fell on the floor, or drinking Bacardi with pina colada Big Gulps from 7-11.

Everyone needs a best friend like “Hil and Mallory.” Friends who have known each other forever, and still like each other anyway.

Ali Solomon is a freelance cartoonist and art teacher. She lives in NYC with her husband and an extensive collection of comic books.

“Hil and Mallory” currently appears in Coffee Talk, a Brooklyn-based comics newspaper.

You can check out her previous webcomic foray “Strings Attached” at www.stringsattachedcomic.com