Hilary Edmund

Sex: Female

Relationship Status: Yes, please

Employer: Pickering Elementary School, Drama Teacher

Likes and Interests: community theater, bar-hopping, Taco Bell, the gossip blog TMI, Crime Dramas

Mallory George

Sex: Female

Relationship Status: Emotionally taken, physically single

Employer: Wiley, Irkson, and Floyd; financial consultant

Likes and Interests: team sports, friendly competitions, finding ways to make her mind-numbingly boring job bearable


Craig Darwicki

Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Hopeful

Employer: IT consultant

Likes and Interests: Writing his sci-fi novel, fan fiction, fantasy role-playing games, complicated tv shows, being on the opposite side of the country from his family

Giant Waterbug 

Sex: Unknown

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Political Views: socially liberal, fiscally conservative

Likes and Interests: Leftover food, living in Mallory’s sink, warm damp corners, the dark, philosophy